Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review of "The Chest Buddy"

I was so excited when I received not one but 2 cute cotton candy colored Chest Buddy's in the mail.

On the Left, is a gift wrapped version which comes in an organza bag and finished off with a Ribbon charm.  Both have a pink cancer ribbon sewn on.

I really appreciate that the creators of The Chest Buddy created The Chest Buddy to be washable.  The pad can be pulled out and the fabric can be gently washed.  The Velcro closure is made to wrap around the seat belt and for easy slide/glide.

I chose the pink because it matched this dress.  The Chest Buddy is super soft and I"m sure women wearing a very delicate fabric will also appreciate The Chest Buddy!

A new item is The Chest Buddy for the Heart and they created it for the heart surgery patient.  It can also be worn on the lower half near the tummy for a post- C-Section.

It's super cute, washable and perfect for anyone that's had any type of breast surgery!  Mix and Match with your outfit!

The Chest Buddy comes in Candy Pink, Soft Gray, Pink Polka Dot and with either a heart logo or breast cancer ribbon logo.

How fab!

Salon Rx, "When Appearance Matters"!

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