Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer in St. Louis

The sun is out and the flowers are in bloom and I am excited because it means pool party season with Dj's and lots of fun.

This also means for folks who have to wear prescribed compression hosiery (ahem, men I mean socks...) an image of misery.  Days of sweat.

There are alternatives for those that need to wear therapeutic compression's.  Sheer compression during the day and at home, wear your doctor prescribed garment.

Ask your doctor if this is a possible alternative.

For ladies, there are extra sheer stockings, the most adorable thigh highs and fashionably fun socks.
Ask your doctor if you can wear open toe compression hosiery.

I'm wearing Black Compression Leggings by Juzo - moisture wick-away

Juzo has some wonderful leggings that come in funky tie dye styles and Sigvaris has some of the thinnest compression stockings, thigh highs and socks that I like for fashion and leg wellness. For basic compression 15 - 20mmHG, I can say RejuvaHealth has been geared toward the younger crowd but I do have to say ALL of these lines are now very fashionable for all age groups.

Compression leggings are a wonderful choice for the summer with a pair of sexy mules, a chunky heel or flats.

Keep cool
Live it up
and keep your legs healthy!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Compression stockings and socks for 2016 and the correct way to get them!

Do you remember the tv-sitcom "Momma's Family" with Carol Burnett and Tim Conway? 

Momma always wore beige, sagging hoisery.  

The grandmother character the writer created, did an excellent job of putting in people's heads the "image" many people think of when they hear the word "compression stockings".

Compression hosiery have far surpassed this dated look...farrrrr surpassed it!

Women have been the leading factor in the selling of compression stockings and socks.

The past 10 years since being certified as therapeutic compression garment fitter, I've been researching for the best looking compression garments on the market for children, men and women.

Call me innovative because as a Virgo, I'm very empathetic and picky to a fault, which is wonderful in my industry.  If I were ever in a position to have to wear the garments I fit for (for medical purposes), these garments would have to match: 
*My Lifestyle
*My Outfits
*My Personality

I've looked for not just compression garments for the basic everyday swelling of legs and feet...I've looked for fashionable, fun, flirty, sexy and professional looking therapeutic compression garments for those with:
  • Chronic Venous Diseases
  • Acute Veneous Diseases
  • Varicose Veins (which affect as many men as they do women)
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Leg Ulcers
  • Diabetes
  • Lymphedema
  • Pregnancy
  • Travel

Your Doctor's Visit:

TIP:  The first pair of Therapeutic compression hosiery that are given at a doctor or clinicians office is always just a "sample"...... and the patient is sized up (from head to toe) and then given a small, medium, large or extra large.  

Sample is the keyword!

The correct way to being fitted by a Certifed Compression Garment Fitter 

Step 1: With the prescription, the doctor's intention is for you "the patient"  to go out and make an appointment with a certified compression garment fitter (CCGF).

Step 2: Upon your visit to the CCGF, the CCGF will read the prescription and then ask you some questions about your condition and some personable questions to get a feel for who you are, your lifestyle, your interests/hobbies and what you do for employment.  This helps the CCGF determine what type of garment to give you, your style, etc.

Step 3. Then, either a catalog is brought out or some samples are shown to you to let you choose what colors and fashion are best suited for you. 

TIP:  Choose more than two pairs because, there are 7 days in a week and you choose outfits often --- work clothing, uniform and then formal occasions, casual, exercise, etc.

Step 4. Typically, you'll have 2 - 3 visits with your CCGF, one visit to get you sized and choose the correct pair,  1 month later is the follow up visit to see how things are going (along with a phone call 1 week after you wear the garments) and then 6 months later, you are called again, because by this time, the garment has been worn several times and may have stretched out, you've gained or lost weight, your prescription/issue may have changed, etc.

                                           Compression hosiery come in the following:
             Knee Highs                 Thigh-Highs                           Compression Sleeves
             Tights                          Socks                                     Full-Toe/No-Toe

Compression hosiery are for Children, Men and Women! Everyone can wear compression hosiery to continue having healthy, smooth looking legs for top peak performance, even if you sit down for work or are a student in school.:
Everyday Wear
Employee Work Conditions
Active Lifestyle
Travelling Smart

Written by Cynthia McCrea, Founder of Salon Rx, LLC, CCGF, CMHF, mF, BSBA