Salon Rx is a Post-Surgical business run by the Post-Surgical Fashionista, Cynthia McCrea.  She features social media sites with an educational blog  full of advice and suggestions for the fashionable professional and youthful person who wants to know about up-coming fashionable and easy to wear medical garments on the market along with the easiest methods of  how to wear specialty garments.

Cynthia is Certified Cranial Prosthetics/Medical Hair-Loss and Certified Therapeutic Compression Garment Fitter who also fits for customized breast forms. 

When Cynthia isn't building the Salon Rx brand she is working as a brand ambassador and event planner.  She's partnered with local fashion companies and the Midwest Influencers.

This dance-aholic enjoys a variety of music, theatre, shopping and travel for the latest trends and hottest spots around.  Her goal for 2016 is to visit Paris and Germany.  A passion for Cynthia is finding the best while spending the least amount of money.  Cynthia invites her readers to join her and feel inspired to try new things and celebrate life and 2nd chances!  

And I'm proud to say....I've served in the United States Air Force, now in the AMVETS and American Legion!

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