Friday, December 2, 2016

Derma E (product review)

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I was very excited to receive the Derma E product line which included me giving an honest review of the packaging (old versus new), learning about the brand and sampling the products.

The Hydrating Day Crème (Old Packaging) is most definitely easier to read and no guessing to choose which is day and which is night.  With the older packaging, the color pops and the wording is bolder on top of the box and the front of the box.  The jar that the product comes in also has the colorful label, the wording is easy to read and also directions on how to properly use the product.

The Hydrating Night Cream (New Packaging) is sophisticated and sleek and says to me that this is a luxury brand that should be placed in the best spas and exclusive retail boutiques globally.  The spelling of the word from Cream to Crème was also very noticeable. (A side note is that the wording on the top of the box is not bold so, it's a bit more difficult to read).  The lighter colors and the 50/50 lotus blossom on the front of the box are very before and after sexy. The jar is the same, the only change is the labeling which is see through yet the words still pop out.  Again, this is sleek and exclusive spa quality labeling.

I really wanted this product to be a "God Send" because it claims to be:
100% Vegan
Soy Free
Paraben Free
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free
Petrolatum Free
No Mineral Oil
No Artificial Colors
No Gluten
and uses recyclable packaging and made in a Certified Wind Energy plant


The company has been in existence since 1984 (over 30 years). This company supports global communities!  

Who could say no to that...but those folks who are leery, let me say that I've created an honest review of the product because I truly needed to find a product for my extremely dry skin.  You can go online to Youtube or to Derma E's website and links to find out more about the company and its founders.  They have over 80 products offered worldwide and they are all created in California (USA).
My company Salon Rx promotes wellness and health to men, children, and women.  I've just come back from Washington, DC for training as a Patient Advocate because I believe we all owe it to OURSELVES to EDUCATE ourselves and not rely primarily on our clinicians and the media to tell us what we need, what is right or wrong with our physical/mental state.  

By taking the opportunity to read the ingredients that are placed on the packaging of every product and having internet access via cell phones makes it easy to make better decisions on what to put in or on our body.

This is why I've researched every listed ingredient in both Derma E products and my overall review gives these products a thumbs up.

Within the first 2 days of using the creams, my skin was noticeably different.  At first, I had these dry cracked looking lines on my forehead.  I knew I had to get rid of those and me being in my 40's and single, means I have to look my best!  So, when I noticed on day 2 the fine lines were diminished a little, I was gung-ho, all in to prove this product works or not.

I continued my daily and nightly routine of washing my face with warm water and steaming my face with a hot towel.  I use an almond scrub (exfoliate) here and there twice a week.  In the morning, I would put a dab on my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck and rub it in.  This does leave a light film on the face for about 1 minute.  At night, I do the same, wash and steam my face, then I placed a dab here and there on my face and rubbed it in.

Within 3 weeks, my skin has really changed!  I'm in love with this product. 

I noticed it is sold at:
Target, CVS, ULTA Beauty, Whole Foods, some health food stores and I am shocked it is sold at Sally's Beauty. 

The product packaging really looks like it is high-end/luxury quality and because of that, the packaging may scare some folks from purchasing.  The products I sampled ranged in pricing from $14.99 - $25.99 depending on the store you purchase it from.

One of the better products on the market!  Derma E!!!  The company market's themselves as "Ethical Beauty" and they would be right!


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