@ Salon Rx our mission is to provide a place fitting for survivorship and celebration with a dedication to healthy, fashionable living.  We serve a variety of clients: Alopecia, burn survivors,  medical hair-loss, scalp/brain trauma, various cancers, Lymphedema, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Maternity clients and more.


1. RETAIL: Raising the bar in the category for (DME) Durable Medical Equipment professionals to hire, train and certify the best and most compassionate customer service oriented professionals in medical-hair loss, mastectomy and therapeutic compression garment fittings.                                         
2. EDUCATION:  As Legislative Liaison members of the United States Legislature.....We believe an educated and certified professional employed by Salon Rx will educate the doctors, nurses, clinicians and customers about the most recent products, insurance information and findings going on in their area of expertise and answer questions using the best method possible because everyone learns differently.  We help fight for your best care and insurance benefits.  Show and tell is our favorite! 

3. FITTING SERVICES: Because Salon Rx hires, trains and certifies it's customer service professionals, our fitters are trained by the manufacture of the product and throughout the year, CEU's are met via industry regulations.

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