Salon Rx started from a dream I had as a child to own a lingerie store and day spa then.... my adult experiences working as a professional bra fitter in Boston at Lady Grace and as a volunteer at Dana Farber's premier cancer hospital put a spark in my soul with a question for...if it was me, what is it that'd I desire as a client and how would I like to be treated?

I launched Salon Rx back in 2007 with this dream and now as a certified cranial medical hair-loss fitter, mastectomy fitter, professional bra-fitter and certified compression garment fitter and former United States Air Force (USAF) Reservist with a business degree from Fontbonne University...I've strived to deliver Salon Rx clients with the best, most fashionable and quality medical grade products that children, men and women would be happy to wear and for the wearer of the product, NO ONE needs to know your medical condition!

Salon Rx is a one-stop shop, premiere, high-end retailer of post-surgical garments for children, men and women who need: 
*customized cranial prosthetics for medical hair-loss
*customized post-mastectomy and asymmetrical breast forms
*mastectomy bras and accessories
*therapeutic compression garments from camisoles, vests, sleeves to hosiery

I've chosen to create a business where we celebrate survivors and for everyone supporting our survivors to feel happy, comfortable and at ease

My certified fitting services are provided as a concierge service in the privacy and comforts of your own home or at your office if you are a busy professional on the move. 

Salon Rx offers the very best Physician recommended - Medical Grade products.

We really look at an individual's goals on the spectrum of health and well-being.  Education is key along with the best customer service skills.

Salon Rx....."When Appearance Matters"...because no one needs to know!

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