Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Fashionable Male

Salon Rx partnered with the St. Louis Suit Company and the best suit fitter in all of St. Louis, Gregory Scott Holliday aka "Superman"!

I approached Scott after seeing his posts on Facebook and the suits along with his accessories stood out.  He informed me that men are now wearing blue and grey suits and not necessarily the black suit so, he paired our therapeutic compression socks with both suits and a variety of accessories.

The grey and a blue suit from the St. Louis Suit Company paired with a gorgeous tan shoe and 3 styles of compression socks
Therapeutic compression socks now come in a variety of styles, thickness and compression.

For the man who has swagger and is really intent on having better leg health, he can't go wrong with pairing up his outfits with these handsome and fashionable therapeutic compression socks.

The fashionable suit tie, sophisticated hat, chocolate shoes paired with RejuvaHealth compression socks is a landslide deal!
The compression sock materials used today all have wick away properties to alleviate foot perspiration and provide antimicrobial properties.
Therapeutic compression socks that pair well with a multitude of shoes and outfits!
Juzo, RejuvaHealth and Sigvaris have the best selection of fashionable and hip compression socks.  Juzo tends to have the best therapeutic compression, RejuvaHealth has a nice selection with a very limited line of compression (15 mmHg - 20mmHG) and Sigvaris has both a great selection and has thereapeutic compression.

The walking suit at St. Louis Suit Company paired with a chocolate compression sleeve and compression socks.
Scott Holliday educated me on the Summer "Walking" suit that I've seen alot of men wear with hats in the summer time.  A summer suit is usually paired with linen pants and a short sleeve top which match.  I paired the therapeutic compression arm sleeve and therapeutic compression socks with this outfit and a summer hat.

Salon Rx, and St. Louis' Suit Co. is ready to accessorize, fit and help men with any veinous, lymphatic issue look his best and help his leg health.  We provide the BEST fitting team!  Certified Compression Garment Fitter and St. Louis' BEST male suit fitter is ready to take you to the next level in healthy medical fashion!

Salon Rx's Cynthia McCrea - The Post-Surgical Fashionista and Gregory Scott "Superman" Holliday (St. Louis Suit Co.) ready to help CELEBRATE survivors.

When Appearance Matters....

and everyone want's to look their best without anyone knowing knowing their medical condition!


Written by Cynthia McCrea
*Certified Medical Hair-Loss Fitter
*Mastectomy & Assymetrical Breast Form/Lingerie Fitter
*Certified Therapeutic/Lymphatic Compression Garment Fitter

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