Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sparkle all night long...

I love music...singing, karaoke, dancing to music, toe tapping music of many varieties (EDM, Disco, Salsa, R&B, Classic Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, you name it), if I can dance or sing to it with feeling, it's good for me!

So, this morning... I got into a Juice Newton mode...okay you don't know who Juice Newton is, singer of pop/folk music.

I let good ole YouTube become my DJ this morning at work and it started playing Bonnie Tyler's "It's a heartache" and I looked up at the video and I saw her wearing this cute lil sequin jumpsuit and that was it!

Now, I need a sequin jumpsuit!

Perfect for a great night out, just remember to use your home bathroom before you go out and don't drink too much! know what I'm saying?!

Here are some awesome sequin jumpsuits (below) for you to check out!

I'm just in love with this sequin look.  I hope I can wear this fashion in the summer?  Maybe on a cool night?  I know I'm gonna try my best!!  (wink wink).

Salon Rx, When Appearance Matters!

Written by Cynthia McCrea, 
*Certified Cranial Prosthsis/Medical Hair-Loss Fitter (Alopecia, etc.)
*Mastectomy Fitter
*Certified Therapeutic/Lymphodema Compression Garment Fitter

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